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Rita Ved is an inborn artist. Since Childhood her mother has also motivated her to pursue art by taking part in various competition. Over time she has developed her art by attending various workshops and by getting trained under the guidance of famous artist. She gives all the credit of her success to her mother Mrs. Bhanu Mukund Ved, who has been beside her in all the phases of her artistic endeavors. Her work mainly includes figurative paintings of Lord Shri Krishna depicting various 'Leela's'. Other Major genres on which she has focused are sceneries, Abstracts, still-portraits, Mughal Miniature, etc.

One of the major parts of her artworks also focuses on 'oil on Kosa Silk' i.e. traditional Chinese paintings.
Since childhoood she has loved experimenting with colours and has developed it into her hobby for life.

Rita Mukund Ved.
B.Com, Diploma in Business Management
& Diploma in Marketing Management

Article Published in the Times of India - Dated Nov 26, 2017

Rita Ved focused on figurative paintings of Lord Krishna in abstract form that catch attraction.